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Do you know how many kinds of sensors there are on industrial robots?

Speaking of Robot, like born in science fiction, most people are full of fantasy about Robot.According to different functional requirements, people produce different types of Robot, such as housework type, operation type, program control type, NUMERICAL control type, sensory control type and so on.But what do you know about the six sensors used by Industrial Robot?

NO.1 two-dimensional vision sensor

Two-dimensional vision sensor is mainly a camera, it can complete the detection of object movement and positioning and other functions, two-dimensional vision sensor has been around for a long time.

NO.2 3D vision sensor

With the recent rise of 3d vision sensors, a 3D vision system must have two cameras shooting at different angles so that a 3D model of an object can be detected and identified.

NO.3 Robot joint torque sensor

The force torque sensor is a kind of sensor that can let the robot know the force. It can monitor the force on the robot arm and guide the robot’s next behavior according to the data analysis.Xinjingcheng technology created brand “XJC” torsion sensor, advanced technology, stable quality, more customers to provide first-class pre-sales and after-sales technical services!

NO.4 Collision detection sensor

The use of a collision sensor allows the robot to understand what it has touched and send a signal to pause or stop the robot’s movement.Identify what objects are unsafe.

NO.5 Security sensor

Different from the above collision detection sensor, the use of safety sensors can make the industrial robot feel the presence of objects around, and the presence of safety sensors can prevent the robot from colliding with other objects.

NO.6 Other sensors

In addition to these commonly used sensors, there are others. “Sensor” is defined in the New Webster’s Dictionary as “a device that receives power from one system and usually delivers it in another form to a second system”.In short, sensors give industrial robots a variety of senses that help them become smarter and more accurate.

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XJC sensor

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