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Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

1. Rice transplanter;

2. Plowing machinery;

3. Seeding machine;

With the gradual advancement of the automation of agricultural machinery in the world, sensing technology is an inevitable way for the development of agricultural machinery to realize the automatic control of agricultural machinery.

XJCSENSOR‘s sensor has the characteristics of fast response speed, high resolution, easy non-contact measurement, high precision, good reliability, small size, lightweight, low power consumption, and easy integration, which effectively promotes the efficiency of agricultural machinery control and promotes the development of rural machinery automation. , to ensure agricultural machinery. Reliable use, reduced energy consumption, and saved workforce and material resources.

The application of XJCSENSOR‘s sensor in agricultural machinery can be mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Measurement of hydraulic pressure and air pressure using a pressure sensor: measuring the pressure of liquid fertilizer spray, applying hydraulic pressure in a large spray device to control the working state of the spray bar and maintaining balance and stability;

(2) The use of pressure sensors enables the lifting and movement of agricultural equipment through hydraulic transmission, monitoring and controlling the pressure of the brake system and the safety system of the leveling plowing and seeding equipment;

(3) The pressure sensor can also ensure the safety of agricultural machinery by measuring data such as oil pressure and hydraulic oil filling pressure.

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