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2 Axis force sensor

Discover precision engineering at its finest with XJCSENSOR. They are your premier manufacturer of 2 Axis force sensors. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we meet the high demands of industries. They require nuanced force detection and analysis.

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Customization and Wholesale Services

XJCSENSOR specializes in providing tailored solutions to fit your specific application needs. We offer comprehensive customization and wholesale services. You may require modifications in size, sensitivity, or output interface. Partnering with us means receiving products designed for optimal integration with your systems. You also benefit from economies of scale.
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Advantages of XJCSENSOR's 2 Axis Force Sensor


Innovative Design

XJCSENSOR's 2 Axis force sensors integrate cutting-edge technology. They deliver exceptional performance and durability.

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Exceptional Accuracy

Each sensor is fine-tuned for precise measurements. This ensures you get reliable data every time.

Strong Industry Reputation

XJCSENSOR has years of experience. They have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship and product reliability.

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Global Service Support

Our customer service extends beyond borders. It offers support and assistance whenever and wherever needed.

Key Features of XJCSENSOR's 2 Axis Force Sensor

Dual-Axis Sensitivity

Capable of detecting forces with high sensitivity on both X and Y axes, allowing for comprehensive force measurement.

Durable Construction

These sensors are constructed to last, performing consistently even in harsh industrial environments.

Custom Output Signals

Choose from a variety of output signal options to ensure compatibility with your existing equipment and systems.

Advanced Temperature Compensation

Our sophisticated compensation technology maintains accurate readings across a broad range of temperatures.

Versatile Application

It's perfect for use in automation, robotics, automotive testing, and other critical applications. Multidirectional force measurement is essential.

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XJCSENSOR’s 2 Axis force sensors stand ready to provide the precision you need. They are great for research and development, quality control, or advanced manufacturing. Explore the possibilities with us as we tailor our technologies to your specifications.
For more information, inquiries, or to discuss your unique requirements, reach out to the team at XJCSENSOR. Elevate your operations with a 2 Axis sensor crafted by the industry’s best.

About application

The 2-axis sensor is a device that measures acceleration along two perpendicular axes. Here are some uses of the 2-axis sensor:


The 2-axis sensor can be used in robotics for sensing the orientation of robot arms and other parts. By measuring the acceleration along two perpendicular axes, the sensor can provide feedback on the direction of movement and the position of the robot's parts.


The 2-axis sensor can be used in automotive safety systems, such as electronic stability control, to detect the lateral (side-to-side) movement of vehicles. This information is used to adjust braking and steering systems to help keep cars stable during sudden maneuvers.

Medical Devices​

The 2-axis sensor can be used in medical devices to monitor patient movement and activity. For example, it can be used to track the movements of patients with Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders.

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Gyroscopic Stabilization

The 2-axis sensor can be used in gyroscopic stabilization systems, which are used to stabilize cameras, drones, and other equipment. It can measure the movement of the stabilized object along two perpendicular axes, helping to keep the object steady and level.

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Tilt and Inclination Measurement​

The 2-axis sensor can be used to measure tilt and inclination of objects. For example, it can be used in construction for monitoring the slope of roofs and floors.

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The 2-axis sensor can be used in gaming systems for motion-controlled gameplay. It can detect tilting and shaking movements, allowing players to control games by moving their devices.

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