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XJC-T001 Series Weighing Module
XJC-T001 Series Weighing Module

XJC-T001 Series Weighing Module

Sensor application: carry out real time monitoring through the change values of bucket's weight, to control and limit the feeding work and the alarm control of full material situation, and realize the automatic production process. High precision bending beam and shear beam weighing modules are generally used.
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● The sensor is laser welding sealed with strong environmental adaptability;

● Spherical coupling, always maintain vertical weighing;

● The staybolt prevents overturning and facilitates maintenance;

● The grounding device protects sensor from power surge;

● Overload protection device protects sensor from impact force;


Technical Parameter

Capacity 5kg,10kg,20kg,30kg,40kg,50kg,75kg,100kg,300kg,500kg
Rated output 2.0±0.2%mV/V Non-linearity 0.02% F.S.
Hysteresis 0.02% F.S Repeatability 0.02% F.S.
Creep 30min 0.03% F.S Zero balance ±2% F.S.
Temp effect on zero 0.03% F.S./10°C Temp effect on output 0.03% F.S./10°C
Operating temp range  -20~80°C  Compensated temp range -10~40°C 
Input resistance 385±30Ω Output resistance 350±5Ω 
Insulation ≥5000MΩ/50VDC Recommended excitation voltage  5~10VDC 
Limit load 200%F.S.  Breaking load 300% F.S.
Cable size φ5x4m Protection class IP68
Cable connection Ex+:Red; Ex-:Black; Sig+:Green; Sig-:White;







Installation Precautions

Check the condition before installation: The levelness of each installation point should be within 2mm, the levelness on the same side must be controlled within 1mm/m . The basic bearing capacity is required to be stronger than the sensor's range.

1)Please adjust the bearing plate to the horizontal position before installing the module;

2)After it is installed, loosen the nut and tighten the bolt;

3)If the above cannot be proceeded, it can be adjusted before installing the module. (Loosen the back screw by 2mm, tighten the nut to the bolt, and then install the module. This method can be used if conditions are unsatisfactory.)

4)Tighten the bolt to the bottom bearing plate,lock the back nut on the bolt with the nut, until the stop nut reaches the limit so as to prevent the equipment from overturning.

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XJC-T001 Series Weighing Module
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