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Torque load cell X-ST-98B

Torque load cell X-ST-98B

Application:Applied to static torque measurement

Torque load cell X-ST-98B



●Resistance strain is a product of sensitive components and integrated circuits

●High accuracy stable performance and low-range torque measurement

●Easy to install.Static torque measurement, Connect to double flanges.

Technical Parameter

Capacity0-500N.mDriving voltage12VDC
Zero balance±2% F.S.Rated output1.0~2.0 mV/V
limit load120%Temp effect on zero±0.1% F.S./10°C
Response frequency100HzCompensated temp range-10~40°C
MaterialAlloy steelOperating temp range-20~80°C
Combined accuacy0.2% F.S.Insulation ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
Input impedance700±10/350±10ΩOutput impedance700±5/350±5Ω
Cable ConnectionEx+: Red;Ex-: Green;Sig+: Yellow;Sig-: White

Please refer to the sensor verification certificate, if plug seat number causes the color change.





Applied to static torque measurement

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