Digital control indicator X-F60

Digital control indicator X-F60

Good long-term stability and good anti-interference performance;
High speed, transmission output, high dynamic response frequency;
Multiple sensitivity inputs, switchable;
Built-in multi-stage amplifier chip, independent, power supply to supply the sensor to work;

Operating manual

Digital control indicator X-F60


● Built-in multistage amplifier chip, independent power supply for sensor.

● Multiple sensitivity input, and switchable.

● High speed, high transmission speed, and high dynamic response frequency.

● Good long-term stability, good anti-interference performance.



Voltage transmitter can work together with strain gages,ceramic piezoresistive sensors, and diffusedsilicon piezoresistive sensors which can realize the conversion and transmitting of physical quantity,such as force, pressure, weight, displacement, torque and liquid level.And the signal can be directlyinput in computers or other measurement and control instruments.


Technical Parameter

External power supply 5VDC Material Plastic
Power supply 12VDC  24VDC Rated input 0.5-3.0mV/V
Non-linearity 0.1%-0.03%F.S. Resolution 1/50000
Hysteresis 0.1%-0.05%F.S. Sampling speed 15-1920Hz
Repeatability 0.1%-0.05%F.S. Operating temp range -10℃ to 50℃, Humidity Below 85% RH
Zero balance ±2%F.S. Display accuracy -199,999-999,999
Power Consumption about 5W Communication Interface RS232, RS485,0-10V,4-20mA
Cable connection Ex+: Red;Ex-: Black;Sig+: Green;Sig-: White (in)




Model Input signal Accuracy Power supply Signal output Special requirements
XJC-608T-F M:mV

E: other signals

G: optocoupler output

A: 220VAC


R2: RS232,

R4: RS485,




Note: The color of the product shell is actually gray.

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