3 Axis load cell X-3A-D90-H27

3 Axis load cell X-3A-D90-H27

3 Axis load cell is a triaxial force transducer for measuring forces in any given direction, regardless of the point of load application. For the measurement of the 3 forces Fx, Fy, Fz simultaneously. The measuring ranges are between 20 kg and 500 kg per axis. applied to robotics, production machines and test benches, for aeronautics, packaging, automotive, medical etc.

3 Axis load cell X-3A-D90-H27


● Quick response;

● High response frequency and high rigidity;

● Built-in RS485 digital module;

● Tiny crosstalk error, strong long-term stability;

● High precision with the principle of resistance strain type;

● Good temperature characteristics with selfcompensated strain gauge;

● Overload protection;


Technical Parameter

Zero balance±5%F.S.Operating temp range-20~80°C
Compensated temp range-10~40°CInsulation≥2000MΩ/100VDC
Recommended excitation voltage12-30VDCSafe load limit300%F.S.
Temp effect on output≤±0.05%F.S./10°CTemp effect on zero≤±0.05%F.S./10°C
Long-term crosstalk error≤1%F.S.Protection classIP65
Cable sizeφ2*1m



Capacity (F.S)Fx10N20N50N100N200N
Rated Output
RS485 1#Material
Aluminum Alloy
RS485 2#
RS485 3#


Load Direction

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