XJCSENSOR's Development Path & Vision


XICSENSOR was established. Main: weighing, load cell, instrument, amplifier..


1. Won the 3C automation high- quality supplier.

2. Established Suzhou office.


1. Invest in R&D and production of smart sensors and smart meters.

2. Set up a branch in Hong Kong.


1. Expand the production base, enhance the research and development strength, and independently develop sensors such as tension, torsion, and multi-axis force.

2. Shenzhen XICSENSOR Technology Co, Ltd. was established. (Professional research and development of high end products)

3. The second CNC factory in Huizhou was established


1.Increase the management of scientific research achievements and intellectual property rights, and become aleader in the sensor industry.

2. Increase investment in the research and development and manufacture of high-end sensors for CNC machining centers.

3. The third factory in Huizhou was established.


1. Invest in the production of semiconductors and piezoelectric force sensors, and use silicon micro-melting.

2. Technology and development of industry segments.

3. Invest in the research and development of a force control system.

4. Shanghai branch was established.

5. Beijing branch was established.


1. Established “XJCSENSOR Group” all over the world.

2. The middle and high-level leadership team realizes peace and contentment.

3, Prepare to build poor mountain schools & sensor training business schools to support poor students for employment

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