XJC-ZX-B Compression Load Cell

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1. Stainless steel/Alloy steel XJC-ZX-B adopts high-precision resistance strain principle

2. Capsule structural design, pressure-bearing, easy to install.

3. Meet force measurement in the range of 4.9KN-490KN

4. Load cell size and shape can be customized for you

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1. XJC-ZX-B Compression Sensors manufactured by XJCSENSOR technology, offering a huge selection of Force Sensors, utilizing one of the most advanced technologies in the Sensor Industry: Metal foil strain gauge technology.

2. A Force Sensor is defined as a transducer that converts an input mechanical force into an electrical output signal. Force Sensors are also commonly known as Force Transducers.

3. These sensors are a cost effective and reliable OEM solution for high volume applications.

4. It is ideal for use in cranes, process control, medical instrumentation, robotics, and automotive applications.

5. Application on the control of the overall performance of engineering machinery for replacing shaft pin installed on the shaft pin part of tower crane and crane to prevent overload and realize safety monitoring;


Precautions for selection of load cell:

1. The normal operating force range should be more than 10% of the full scale of the sensor, and the best effect is within 80%.

2. The range of normal operating force, the maximum output of the equipment (output of servo motors, cylinders, etc.) overshooting force should be taken into consideration in advance when selecting the sensor.

3. The accuracy of the sensor: Absolute accuracy, relative accuracy, use required accuracy, repeat accuracy, dynamic accuracy and static accuracy, measurement accuracy, control accuracy, system accuracy.

4. Installation method: screw fixing, plane fixing, external dimension requirements: length, width, height, outer diameter, etc.

5. Force method: Point force, surface force, through hole force, tension measurement, pressure measurement, torque, etc.


Data acquisition of force sensor:

1. Supporting push-pull force gauge (requires sensitivity to the sensor (2.0MV/V)

2. The PLC module directly collects MV 0-10V 4-20MA, etc. (requires sampling speed, frequency response, etc. for the sensor)

3. Data acquisition card (MV 0-10V, etc.)

4. Whether the force sensor is involved in the control.

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