XJC- ZL13 Tension Sensor

Short Description:


Compact structure, easy to install;

Can be installed directly inside or outside the machine frame;

Small temperature drift, low linearity error and repeatability error;

Wide measuring range;

Built-in new mechanical structure for 10 times anti-overload protection;

Self-aligning bearing to compensate installation error;

Standard plug design in M 12*1;

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XJC-ZL13 series shaft tension sensor is a very accurate sensor for measuring the force of the roll paper, Resistance strain type principle, features includedthe signal is accurate and stable, compact structure, small force deformation, etc. Each sensor has undergone high and low temperature verification to ensure product performance. The sensor has built-in new mechanical 10 times anti-overload protection. The whole sensor adopts a low-thickness design, which is suitable for applications that
require a narrow mechanical frame for compact pressure measurement.

Installation Precautions:

Please note that one of the two ends is fixed, there is a bearing ring or step to stop moving, 

The other end is movable, unnecessary to add bearing retaining rings or steps to stop moving,

During installation, avoid friction between the shaft and the dustproof oil seal.

Please remove the dustproof oil seal in this direction.

Weight of the roller cannot exceed 50% of the full scale of the sensor

Under normal circumstances, high temperature environment will cause problems such as melting of coating materials, open solder joints, and structural changes in the internal stress of the elastomer.

Dust and humidity will cause short-circuit effects on the sensor, and will cause the sensor elastomer in a highly corrosive environment. Damaged or short-circuit phenomenon, electromagnetic field will interfere with the output of the sensor. Under the corresponding environmental factors, we must select the corresponding sensor to meet the necessary weighing requirements.

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