XJC-Y02-3M compression force Transducers

Short Description:

1. XJCSENSOR accuracy class: 0.2

2. Pressure type, high dynamic response

3. long service life

4. Material: stainless steel 17-4PH

5. compression load, convenient and flexible installation;

6. Safe and explosion-proof load cell, which can be used in harsh environments and hazardous situations;High dynamic response frequency

7. The Load Button Load Cell offers high accuracy. It has Nonlinearity of ±0.2%. The standard XJC-Y02-3M Load Button Load Cell can be modified or customized to meet your requirements and most capacities are in our inventory, making them available for 24-hour shipping.

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This product is offered in partnership with Electronic Instruments.

The button Load Cell is designed to measure loads in compression, with the advantages of wide range, diverse structures and sizes, high accuracy, high dynamic response frequency, and good temperature characteristics.

Especially in the field of small size miniature sensors, it has a strong advantage.

This model is manufactured in SZ, CN and similar to our entire Load Cell product line, uses metal foil strain gauge technology. Additional design features include the use of a strain relief providing much greater protection from the pull on the cable.



Sensor housing (elastic element, sensitive beam) produces elastic deformation under the action of external force, so that the resistance strain gage (conversion element) pasted on its surface also deforms. After the resistance strain gage is deformed, its resistance value will change (increase). Larger or smaller), and then the resistance change is converted into an electrical signal (voltage or current) by the corresponding measuring circuit, thus completing the process of transforming the external force into an electrical signal.


1. Force source range of monitoring equipment machine

2. Limit force source range not to be excessively high or low

3. The load is applied at the top by a spherical load button, which facilitates a central force application.

XJCSENSOR provides a wide range of Canister Load Cells (also known as Column Load Cell) designed for high capacity compression applications.

These models offer robust construction with a capacity ranging from 0.02 to 120KN.

The load cell design is based on the robust membrane principle. Due to its high stiffness, the XJC-Y can be used for fast force measurements; the strain gauge principle also allows static measurements. Despite its minimal dimensions, the sensor has good accuracy. The button load cell casing is made of stainless steel to allow for industrial use.

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