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Portable Force Gauge XJC-CF490
Portable Force Gauge XJC-CF490

Portable Force Gauge XJC-CF490

Mainly applied in tension and compression testing instruments and automatic equipment fields, such as small range of force testing instruments,hopper scales, lifting hook scales, insertion force test instruments, and etc.
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● High accuracy and high resolution with 2.8 inch TFT true colour display;

● Built-in real-time clock for displaying real time and date;

● Deviation value (Max./Min.), and within/over tolerance limit warning function;

● Optional independent relay output at Max.- and Min.- value, and alarm both in buzzer and screen display;

● Direction keys and 180-degree rotating display screen;

● Three measuring units in N (Newton), Kg (Kilogram) and lb (Pound) available;

● Functions of Peak-value hold/automatic release and time clear;

● Memory can store up to 100 sets of test with test time, peak value, valley value and mean value, and 1 setof curve record to trace the entire test process;

● Function of testing material strength by input the section area of material;

● Power saving function can be set as automatic power off if no operation or automatic backlight;

● Support PC software available for test data storage,print, and analysis, etc;

● Optional mini printer available;

● Suitable for different kinds of testing equipments,Built-in manual instruction with photos and texts;



Handheld instrument is a new generation of universal portable test instrument designed by our company. Has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy to carry, multifunction, high precision,curve to capture the whole test process and so on, is suitable for all kinds of products push pull test,pull out forceTest, destructive test, and can be combined with a variety of test equipment and fixturesfor different purposes of small test machine.

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Portable Force Gauge XJC-CF490
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