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6 aixs load cell L6A-D100-H31
6 aixs load cell L6A-D100-H31

6 axis force/torque sensor XJC-6F-D100-H31

6 axis force/torque sensor for precision measuring in all six degrees of freedom. that is used to ensure precision in robotic applications.The sensor is designed for robotic joint and it is commonly fitted onto the wrist of the robot arm to provide accurate force measurements for all three geometrical coordinates (±Fx, ±Fy, ±Fz) and the moments or torques around them (±Mx, ±My, ±Mz).
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Fx/Fy/Fz: 50N, Mx/My/Mz: 2N.m
Fx/Fy/Fz: 100N, Mx/My/Mz: 5N.m
Fx/Fy/Fz: 200N, Mx/My/Mz: 10N.m
Fx/Fy/Fz: 400N, Mx/My/Mz: 20N.m
Fx/Fy/Fz: 1000N, Mx/My/Mz: 50N.m


● Quick response;

● High precision with the principle of resistance strain type; 

● Good temperature characteristics with compensated high and low temperatures;

● Decoupled structure, tiny long-term crosstalk error, strong long-term stability;

● Small size, low height, suitable for small-volume applications;

● Size and range can be customized;


Technical Parameter

Non-linearity ≤0.5%F.S. Repeatability ≤0.05%F.S.
Zero balance ±2%F.S. Operating temp range -20~80°C
Compensated temp range -10~40°C Insulation ≥2000MΩ/50VDC
Recommended excitation voltage 5-10VDC Safe load limit 200%F.S.
Temp effect on output ≤0.2%F.S./10°C Temp effect on zero ≤0.2%F.S./10°C
Long-term crosstalk error ≤2%F.S. Protection class IP66
Cable size φ4.5*3m+Lemo14 PIN plug (Option)




Capacity (F.S) Fx Fy Fz Mx My Mz Material
50N 50N 50N 2N.m 2N.m 2N.m  

Aluminum alloy

100N 100N 100N 5N.m 5N.m 5N.m
200N 200N 200N 10N.m 10N.m 10N.m
400N 400N 400N 20N.m 20N.m 20N.m Stainless steel
1000N 1000N 1000N 50N.m 50N.m 50N.m
Output sensitivity

F:0.5~1.0mV/V, M:0.7~1.5mV/V



PIN definition PIN 1 PIN 2 PIN 3 PIN 4 PIN 5 PIN 6 PIN 7 
Exc+  Exc-  Fx+  Fx-  Fy+  Fy-  Fz+
PIN 8 PIN 9 PIN 10 PIN 11 PIN 12 PIN 13 PIN 14
Fz- Mx+  Mx-  My+ My- Mz+ Mz-


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6 axis force/torque sensor XJC-6F-D100-H31
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