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4 Aixs load cell XJC-4F-D74-H28 Fx, Fy, Fz, Mz Axis Force Sensor
4 Aixs load cell XJC-4F-D74-H28 Fx, Fy, Fz, Mz Axis Force Sensor

4 Axis force/torque sensor XJC-4F-D74-H28

Multi-Axis Force / Torque Sensor system measures all four components of force and torque. 4 Axis load cell For the measurement of the 4 forces Fx, Fy, Fz, Mz simultaneously. The measuring ranges are between 50 N and 300 (3 N.M to 20 N.M ) per axis. applied to robotics, production machines and test benches, for aeronautics, packaging, automotive, medical etc.
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Capacity (F.S)
Fx/Fy/Fz: 50N, Mz: 3N.M
Fx/Fy/Fz: 50N, Mz: 3N.M
Fx/Fy/Fz: 100N, Mz: 6N.M
Fx/Fy/Fz: 200N, Mz: 10N.M
Fx/Fy/Fz: 300N, Mz: 20N.M
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● Quick response;

● High precision with the principle of resistance strain type;

● Low height, small introduction moment;

● Tiny crosstalk error, strong long-term stability;

● Good temperature characteristics with compensated high and low temperatures;

● Three-direction force and one-direction moment structure;

● Upper and lower flange surfaces, stable structure, high rigidity;


Technical Parameter

Non-linearity ≤0.2%F.S. Repeatability ≤0.1%F.S.
Zero balance ±0.05%F.S. Operating temp range -20~80°C
Compensated temp range -10~40°C Insulation ≥2000MΩ/50VDC
Recommended excitation voltage 5VDC Safe load limit 200%F.S.
Temp effect on output ≤0.5%F.S./10°C Temp effect on zero ≤0.5%F.S./10°C
Long-term crosstalk error ≤2%F.S. Protection class IP65
Cable size φ2*3m (2 cables)



Capacity (F.S) Fx 50N 100N 200N 300N
Fy 50N 100N 200N 300N
Fz 50N 100N 200N 300N
Mz 3N.M 6N.M 10N.M 20N.M
Output Sensitivity 1.0±10%mV/V Material Aluminum Alloy


Load Direction