Single axis load cell X-S07

Single axis load cell X-S07

Single Axial force sensor can be divided into pressure sensors, tension-compression sensors and other types. The sensors have the advantages of wide range, various structures and sizes, high precision, high dynamic response frequency, and good temperature characteristics. Especially in the field of small-sized micro-sensors, it has a strong advantage.

Single axis load cell X-S07

Technical Parameter

Output sensitivity 1.0±10%mV/V Repeatability ≤0.05%F.S.
Non-linearity ≤0.05%F.S. Operating temp range -20~80°C
Zero balance ±2%F.S. Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
Compensated temp range -10~60°C Limit load 150%F.S.
Recommended excitation voltage 5-10VDC Protection class IP64
Cable size φ4x3m Temp effect on zero ≤0.05%F.S./10°C
Temp effect on output ≤0.05%F.S./10°C Material Stainless steel/Aluminum


Cable Connection Ex+: red;Ex-: black;Sig+: green;Sig-: white



Capacity (F.S) A B C D E F X Y
50-100kg 80 39.5 M20*1.5-6h 74 20 17 60 40
1T-3T 120 456.6 M20*1.5-6h 74 36 30 60 40
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