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Dynamic Torque Sensor X-DT-1001

Dynamic Torque Sensor X-DT-1001

Dynamic torque sensor, with contact and non-contact structure types. The maximum speed of the conventional non-contact structure is 5000 rpm, and it can be customized up to 8000 rpm. The maximum speed of the conventional non-contact structure is 500 rpm; the sensor has the advantages of wide range, small size, high precision, fast response speed, and strong anti-interference ability.

Dynamic Torque Sensor X-DT-1001


●Contact structure;

●High precision with the principle of resistance strain type;

●Output positive and negative torque signals, Quick response;

● Flange-type connection, thin thickness;

●High torsional rigidity and strong overload protection capacity;

●Good temperature characteristics with self-compensated strain gauge;


Technical Parameter

Output sensitivity1.0±10%mV/VMax rotate speed200r/min
Zero balance±2%F.S.Operating temp range-20~60°C
Compensated temp range-10~40°CInsulation resistance≥2000MΩ/50VDC
Recommended excitation voltage5-10VLimit load200%F.S.
Cable sizeφ4x4mProtection classIP64
Temp effect on output≤±0.2%F.S./10℃Temp effect on zero≤±0.2%F.S./10℃
Cable ConnectionEx+: Red;Ex-: Black;Sig+: Green;Sig-: White



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