What we made in 2020

Facing the "difficult start" caused by the 2020 epidemic, China's domestic manufacturing industry has suffered successive blows, and the difficulty of resuming work and production has become prominent.

After this epidemic, the traditional electronics manufacturing industry will more actively think about and pay attention to the intelligent construction of factories, and promote the application of automated production lines.

The opening chapter of the exhibition that XJCSENSOR participated in:

The 4th China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition (CMM) was held on July 9-11 at Dongguan·Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.

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In 2019~2020, XJCSENSOR contribute funds $15,385 and helps Taitung Village, Chengdong Town, Haifeng County to get rid of poverty, Precise poverty alleviation and spread love!

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It is understood that in the past three years, Henggang Sub-district (region) where XJCSENSOR is located has raised more than 9 million yuan for the construction of 14 livelihood projects in Taitung Village, including tap water, street lights and village roads, to improve the living environment of Taitung Village.

The old Taitung Village now has a new look, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the roads are unobstructed.

At the same time, over the past three years, Henggang Sub-district has been leading the poverty alleviation work with party building, focusing on rural revitalization, ensuring the construction of new rural areas, and strengthening the collective economy of the village.

XJCSENSOR is willing to make a small contribution to the international poverty alleviation cause, and will always pay attention and support.

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In 22nd,July. XJCSENSOR participated in “DIC EXPO 2020”, the “DIC EXPO International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition (“DIC EXPO 2020”) sponsored by the LCD Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association. Strong support from many well-known exhibitors.

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From 15th to 19th, September. XJCSENSOR participated in The 22nd China International Industry Fair ("CIIF") which will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), this was the first national industrial exhibition held offline nationwide in 2020. In this fair, XJCSENSOR released new product, tension sensor and multi-axis sensor.

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From 12 to 15, Oct 2020. XJCSENSOR brings its new solutions, exhibits new product solutions and patents participated in South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF) which held in Baoan New Hall of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, It is worth mentioning that in this era of Industry 4.0, machine vision has occupied an important place in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Numerous visual inspection companies have emerged at the historic moment. XJCSENSOR relies on its hard work and strength to meet every challenge and opportunity in the competition of the same industry. At the same time, it hopes to use the platform of South China Industry Fair to let more people witness its in the field of machine vision inspection technology In the growth.

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2nd~4th, Nov., XJCSENSOR first participated in the IBTE 2020 Shenzhen Battery Technology Exhibition, this fair bring together the exhibitors of power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries and upstream and downstream materials and production equipment to jointly promote the coordinated development of China's lithium battery industry.

From 28th to 30th,December, The 30th "Shenzhen International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition" in 2020 will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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Through the "2020 Shenzhen International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition", XJCSENSOR met with high-quality buyers at low cost and became a supplier of many potential foreign buyers; it can communicate face-to-face with buyers and directly understand the needs and needs of buyers. Strategy and purchasing trends; it is a low-cost sales opportunity to pass on your contact information and corporate culture to the buyers participating in the conference

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XJCSENSOR advertising investment in 2020 is nearly $123000. Under the epidemic, our turnover has reached a brilliant future, which has doubled compared to 2019.

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Our cooperation with FOXCONN, ABB, EPSON, TTI, HUAWEI, ATL, Philips, Hyundai, Canon Tokki, Arrival and other customers, as well as Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhejiang Institute of Technology, Wuhan University and other universities has been increasing steadily.

Post time: Mar-11-2021