XJC-Y01-13-A load force Transducers(0-1KN)

Short Description:

1. Adopts high-precision resistance strain principle.

2. XJC-Y01-13-A Column Load Cell (Miniature) is offered in 17-4PH Stainless Steel in 3N to 1KN, with a raised surface radius to lower the possibility of off center loading

3. Capsule structural design, pressure-bearing, easy to install.

4. High precision and high stability.

5. Small size, beautiful appearance.

6. High dynamic response frequency.

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Sensor housing (elastic element, sensitive beam) produces elastic deformation under the action of external force, so that the resistance strain gage (conversion element) pasted on its surface also deforms. After the resistance strain gage is deformed, its resistance value will change (increase). Larger or smaller), and then the resistance change is converted into an electrical signal (voltage or current) by the corresponding measuring circuit, thus completing the process of transforming the external force into an electrical signal.


1. Force source range of monitoring equipment machine.

2. Limit force source range not to be excessively high or low.

Precautions for selection of load cell:

1. The normal operating force range should be more than 10% of the full scale of the sensor, and the best effect is within 80%.

2. The range of normal operating force, the maximum output of the equipment (output of servo motors, cylinders, etc.) overshooting force should be taken into consideration in advance when selecting the sensor.

3. The accuracy of the sensor: Absolute accuracy, relative accuracy, use required accuracy, repeat accuracy, dynamic accuracy and static accuracy, measurement accuracy, control accuracy, system accuracy.

4. Installation method: screw fixing, plane fixing, external dimension requirements: length, width, height, outer diameter, etc.

5. Force method: Point force, surface force, through hole force, tension measurement, pressure measurement, torque, etc.

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