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Four Common Failures of Pressure Sensors

When the user uses the pressure sensor, the sensor often fails due to more or less reasons.  It may be improper use method, it may be the change of external environmental factors, or the sensor production quality is unqualified, etc., all possible Causes the pressure sensor to malfunction, the following introduces some of the most common failures and inspection methods of the four pressure sensors for users,  so that everyone can find the problem in the first time.

1、The pressure value rises, the transmitter has no output voltage

In this case, you should first check whether the pressure interface is leaking or blocked.  If it is confirmed to be normal, check the wiring method for errors and then check the power supply.  If the power supply is normal, simply pressurize to see if the output changes, or check Whether the zero position of the sensor has output, if there is no change, the sensor has been damaged, otherwise it is the problem of instrument damage or other links of the whole system.

2、The problem of pressure sensor sealing ring

The transmitter output does not change when pressure is applied for the first time, and the transmitter output changes suddenly after pressure is applied again. The zero position of the transmitter cannot be reset after the pressure is relieved. It is very likely that the pressure sensor sealing ring is a problem.

The common situation is that after the sensor is tightened, the sealing ring is compressed into the pressure port of the sensor, thereby blocking the sensor. When pressurizing, the pressure medium cannot enter, but when the pressure is too high, the sealing ring is suddenly opened, and the pressure sensor changes due to pressure. The best way to eliminate this kind of malfunction is to remove the sensor and directly check whether the zero position is normal. If the zero position is normal, replace the sealing ring and try again.

3、The output signal of the transmitter is unstable

This failure can be determined to be a pressure source problem. The pressure source itself is an unstable pressure. It is likely that the anti-interference ability of the instrument or pressure sensor is not strong, the sensor itself vibrates violently, or the sensor is damaged.

4、The deviation between the transmitter and the pointer pressure gauge is large

This kind of deviation is a normal phenomenon, only need to confirm the normal deviation range;  this kind of failure is the influence of the installation position of the micro differential pressure transmitter on the zero position output. 

Due to the small measuring range of the differential pressure transmitter, the sensing element in the transmitter will affect the output of the differential pressure transmitter.  During installation, the pressure-sensitive part of the transmitter should be at a 90-degree angle to the direction of gravity.  After installation, remember to adjust the zero position of the transmitter to the standard value.

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