Since 2009, XJCSENSOR is a leading Force control system solution and product provider in the industry

As a leading supplier of force control system solutions, XJCSENSOR insists on "customer-oriented, quality-based, independent innovation" as our business tenet, and always adheres "Conviction from professionalism" as our management philosophy . XJCSENSOR provides professional OEM sensors for customers to maximize their satisfaction.

Shenzhen XJCSENSOR Technology Co., Ltd. (XJCSENSOR) was founded in 2009 with 4000 m2 area.

XJCSENSOR is headquartered in SZ. CN, and has offices in Suzhou, Hong Kong & Germany.

XJCSENSOR is a national high-tech enterprise with more than 40 patents and software inventions.

We have a R&D team with more than 10 people who have many years of designing and developing experience in sensor industrial.

XJCSENSOR has obtained international certifications of CE & Rohs qualifications, and strictly implemented ISO9001 & ESD management system, and has been rated as a high-quality supplier.

XJCSENSOR focuses on miniature force sensors, load cells, multi-axis & torque,sensors, smart,sensors and smart control instruments, which are used in automation equipment assembly, precision medical, new energy, robotics, semiconductors, scientific research, higher education, etc.




ln 2029-2035

XJCSENSOR offices will spread all over the world. XJCSENSOR team will be realizing their career, we’ll build schools in impoverished areas and subsidize students’ employment.

ln 2026-2028

XJCSENSOR will use silicon micro-melting technology, invest in the production for semiconductors & piezoelectric sensors, while develop industry segmentation and invest R&D for force control software system.

ln 2022-2025

XJCSENSOR will invest scientific research and intellectual property management for being leader in sensor industrial, increase invests in R&D of high-end sensor to support CNC machining process centers.

ln 2018-2021

XJCSENSOR have expanding production and strengthen R&D capabilities; implementing ISO9001, ESD management system; obtained SGS-CE & Rohs qualifications; Self-developed tension, torque, multi-axis force sensors, which apply in medical, new Energy, robotics, semiconductor fields, etc; We support impoverished areas and mobilize employees to join in volunteers.

ln 2014-2017

XJCSENSOR invested R&D and production in smart sensors & meters. We have rated as a high-quality supplier. XJCSENSOR was invited to BOC meeting by Apple headquarters in the US by 2016.

ln 2010-2013

XJCSENSOR specialized in miniature force sensors, amplifiers, indicators, etc. which are used in industrial automation equipment, such as phone screen & button detection, new energy equipment, etc. We have qualified as high grade supplier for Apple and HUAWEI;

ln 2009.07.07

Shenzhen XJCSENSOR Technology Co., Ltd. (XJCSENSOR) was established, operating force sensors, amplifiers, etc, mainly used in industrial automation equipment , new energy industry fields, etc.