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XJCSENSOR's Development Path & Vision

Apr 23,2022 | XJCSENSOR


| 2009.07.07

XJCSENSOR was established. Main: weighing, load cell, instrument, amplifier...


| 2010-2013

1. Won the 3C automation high- quality supplier. 
2. Established Suzhou office.


| 2014-2017

1. Invest in R&D and production of smart sensors and smart meters. 
2. Set up a branch in Hong Kong.


| 2018-2021

1. Expand the production base, enhance the research and development strength, and independently develop sensors such as tension, torsion, and multi-axis force. 
2. Shenzhen XJCSENSOR Technology Co., Ltd. was established. (Professional research and development of high-end products)
3. The second CNC factory in Huizhou was established.


| 2022-2025

1. Increase the management of scientific research achievements and intellectual property rights, and become a leader in the sensor industry. 
2. Increase investment in the research and development and manufacture of high-end sensors for CNC machining centers. 
3. The third factory in Huizhou was established.


| 2026-2028

1. Invest in the production of semiconductors and piezoelectric force sensors, and use silicon micro- melting. 
2. Technology and development of industry segments. 
3. Invest in the research and development of force control system. 
4. Shanghai branch was established. 
5. Beijing branch was established


| 2029-2035

1. Established "XJCSENSOR Group" all over the world. 
2. The middle and high-level leadership team realizes peace and contentment. 
3. Prepare to build poor mountain schools & sensor training business schools to support poor students for employment.