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Robotic Application

Jun 24,2021 | XJCSENSOR

Robotic Application


1. Collaborative robot (Walking assist robot);

2. Assembly robot;

3. Polishing robot;

4. Robot hand for screw locking machine;

5. Surgical medical robot;

XJCSENSOR's sensor is an electronic module on an intelligent robot. XJCSENSOR's joint torque sensors are widely used in the joints of intelligent robots. It can be installed near the gripper and suction cup of the robotic arm to help the robot avoid obstacles and assist in detecting whether the grasped object falls during the movement process. It can also be installed in walking robots, collaborative robots, and screw-locking machines. As well as the joints of the surgical robot, the sensor captures its force and displacement, and the real-time monitoring data enables the control system to work together. XJCSENSOR's sensor is the core component used to detect the working state of the industrial intelligent robot itself. A device or device that senses a specified object to be measured and converts it into a usable output signal according to a certain rule.

Sensor is an electronic module on intelligent robot. XJCSENSOR’s joint torque sensor is widely used in the joint of intelligent robot. It can be installed near the clamp and suction cup of the robot arm to help the robot avoid obstacles, assist in detecting the fact that the gripped object is falling during the movement, or can be installed on the walking robot, the cooperative robot, and the locking screw machine.

Every sensor on the body of an intelligent robot is critical, and intelligent robots must have strict requirements on the sensor. The accuracy, reliability and stability of the sensor are all related to whether the intelligent robot can operate stably. For these performances, XJCSENSOR has mature solutions and technologies.